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Welcome to Eyelet Skye!

“Don’t save something only for a special occasion. Every day in your life is a special occasion.”

- President Thomas S. Monson

This quote inspires our story, and, it is our hope to inspire your's!

"I had a beautiful collection of perfume that sat on my dresser. I saved them for special occasions like dances, weddings, or nice dates. They smelled beautiful, but became decorations as they sat there, day after day. Over time these perfumes began to lose the beauty of their scents (the whole reason I had them in the first place)! 

It was then that I heard this:

“Don’t save something only for a special occasion. Every day in your life is a special occasion.” 

- President Thomas S. Monson

... and I had a major perspective shift! Could it be true that each day was worthy of all the things I'd been saving for that special "someday"? Could I wear the perfume simply because it was Monday? Could I put on that new top I'd been saving for Friday night? Could I even curl my hair when I wasn't planning to leave the house? (Okay - I'll stick with a messy bun!)  ;) But - the answer was always, "Yes!" I realized that the grand special day for all of these things was not off in the distance. It. Was. Now. It was today!

These days, moments, and details are what make up our life. A life to start celebrating! Your are invited, and always welcome, to celebrate the beauty of your today - right here with us, in our little corner of the world!

Thank you for being here! We couldn't do this without you!"



CEO of Eyelet Skye


Thank you for your support. Our families are grateful for every ounce of it! We put our all into making your experience one worth celebrating and are always here to help! Please contact us via the contact tab below if there is anything we can do to further that effort!

Our story:

Our trendsetting passion runs deep, but we started from humble beginnings.

CEO, Elise, started Eyelet Skye in 2015 to assist with family finances during a difficult time in her family's life. She sewed baby leggings and bows for her cute niece, Skye, and then turned it into a business (with Skye as her model)! Elise and her husband, Matt, would stay up late each night packaging all the orders she'd finished sewing that day.

"Passion propels your dreams"

-A Wise Individual

With passion, came opportunity, and Eyelet Skye seemed to grow right along side her inspiration (& model, Skye)! Elise's love of trendsetting fashion propelled her to curate a women's line - giving others a chance to find beauty in each day, just as Eyelet Skye had done for her. 

Today, our boutique includes hundreds of trendsetting fashions brought to you by a passionate and committed small-business staff of style loving family and friends! 

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Questions? We're here to help! Please visit our contact page below to learn how to get in touch.

Thank you for being here! We hope you enjoy some finds that make you feel special - today


The Eyelet Skye Team