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About Us

Welcome to Eyelet Skye!

We are thrilled to have you here and sharing in our story! 

Our trendsetting passion runs deep, but we started from humble beginnings.

CEO, Elise, started Eyelet Skye in 2015 to assist with finances during a difficult time in her family's life. Her inspirational niece, Skye, would model the hand sewn baby leggings and bows. Elise loved what she did, but felt like she could do more.

"Passion propels your dreams"

-A Wise Individual* *unknown ;)

With passion, came opportunity, and Eyelet Skye seemed to grow right along side her inspiration (& model)! Elise's love of trendsetting fashion propelled her to curate a women's line - giving others a chance to set their trends, just as Eyelet Skye had done for her. 

Today, our boutique includes hundreds of trendsetting fashions brought to you by a passionate and committed staff of style loving family and friends! 

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Thank you for being here! We hope you enjoy some incredible finds today! 


The Eyelet Skye Team